MAXI09 PCB ordered and yet more prototyping

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Two more bits of prototyping work have been completed recently. The first is the keyboard controller portion. Since the MAXI09 now includes a new Amiga 600 keyboard, and because this keyboard has many more connections then the old C64 one, I have mocked up the controller on breadboard. I was able to establish the pining on the 30 way flex… Read more »

Switching to KiCAD and the MAXI09 schematic

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Pretty much since I first started using it, about two years ago now, I have been struggling to “like” gEDA. To be fair, it has many positives. The schematic capture tool is not terrible to use. It is certainly quirky. The totally non standard keyboard shortcuts being just one example of this quirkiness. But it has, in my view, significant… Read more »

MuDdy and DISCo progress, and system reset generation

I have finally solved the issue with holding multiple FPGA designs inside a single configuration flash. It seems there is a special tool just for the purpose of creating complex program files (.pof files). The details are buried in this document. So this is great news, though since I only have one PLCC84 adapter made up I won’t be able… Read more »

Breadboard power solution and the start of FPGA dev board version 2

When working with solderless breadboard, one of the concerns is how to power it. Ideally I would have a nice bench PSU but, being cheap, I makedo without one. In the past I have stumbled around with various solutions, including using the power pins on a USB serial breakout board, using an AVR programmer header just for the purpose of… Read more »