The main features of MAXI030, a MC68030-based expandable computer, are:

  • A core “glue” that can master the 32 bit buses
  • A 68030 with a 68882 (PDF)
  • 512K x 16 flashes in the form of 2 x SST39SF040 (PDF) in PLCC32
  • 2 x 72 pin SIMM slots
  • A SC26C94 (PDF) QUART with the following arrangements of four serial ports:
  • Onboard 10mbit/s Ethernet using a RTL8019AS (PDF)
  • A PS/2 port for keyboard and mouse
  • Expansion slots; existing cards like my video card should be usable without being re-spun
  • I2C bus with:
  • IDE header
  • A P7805-2000-S (PDF) 2A 5V potted switching regulator attached to a barrel jack

All design files, including the programmable logic design code, are available on the GitHub page, which is the authoritative source of information for the board.

A key driver for this board was to build on what I learned making MIDI020 and create a similarly spec’d, bug fixed, board but with a MC68030 processor. This was achieved.

A secondary driver was,. and in the early days it was purely in the realm of dreams, to build a board capable of running up to date Linux kernel. Again this was achieved.

There is one fairly significant limitation with this board: the maximum speed achieved was 32MHz. None the less, this is easily fast enough for a text-based Linux system.

Anyone interested in building one of these boards should contact me as I have spare boards and FPGAs sitting around.