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The restoration of two Amiga 1200s

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As a brief interlude, and before getting back to FPGAs, I wanted to document something I consider to be tremendously important: the restoration of my beloved Amiga 1200. I own two of these machines: the original one I bought in the summer of 1993 just before starting university, and a “spare” I bought off eBay about 10 years ago. As… Read more »

A Pi based music player, a MISTer and a new PC

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Before getting back to work on the MAXI000 board, I thought it would be interesting to document three other little projects I’ve been working on, none of which required the picking up of a soldering iron, or writing any programmable logic. None the less they are pretty neat and were a lot of fun. I’ve been a Logitech SqueezeBox user… Read more »

Adventures with Surface Mount construction

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I’ve been putting off learning how to build PCBs with Surface Mount Devices for many years. For the most part, I’ve had very little reason to look into SMD/SMT. Most, but not all, of my electronics projects involves the use of 80s and 90s parts which are usually available in through-hole packages; indeed many are only available in through-hole. But… Read more »

Switching to WordPress

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This is completely “off topic” but worthy of a post. You may have noticed that this blog has been moved off Google’s blogspot platform onto a blog running in WordPress. I’ve never been particularly happy with blogspot. It largely works, but… The big problem (by far) is the post editing control is just awful. Unspeakable bad, in fact. And I… Read more »

Return to the past. 8 bits are enough for anyone.

As a computer user/programmer for the past 20 years, I’ve always had one ambition: to build a real working computer from components.  No, not a PC (which anyone can do), but a computer from the ground up. My inspiration comes from various sources, including using a 6502-based education board at college and being amazed at the general simplicity of the… Read more »