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Adventures with Programmable Logic

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So I have received the following goodies: XC9572 x 3 (PLCC44) Platform Cable USB programmer (Model DLC9G) Some PLCC44 PCB sockets (through hole) PLCC44 to DIP44 converter for the breadboard PLCC extraction tool The XC9572 is a simple part, by modern programmable logic standards.  Not exactly capable of running a soft processor, the ‘9572 can still be used for one… Read more »

Hardware problems, XMODEM, and musings on programmable logic

In my last post I mentioned the problems I’ve been having with powering my computer. A multimeter on various ICs shows a big drop across the power pins on some of the ICs. The AY 3 8912, for instance, was getting only about 3V. I have worked around these problems by using an additional power source to counter the voltage… Read more »