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An LED display for Home Assistant Part 2

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The integration of my display with Home Assistant was prompted by my experiences with Tasmota, an alternate firmware for off the shelf ESP8266 and ESP32 -based devices. Essentially it allows the manufacturer supplied firmware for everything from lightbulbs to curtain motors to be replaced with an open source equivalent, often with Tasmota providing additional functionality on top of what the… Read more »

An LED display for Home Assistant Part 1

I’ve been working on this particular project for about nine months now, on and off. It’s finally at a point where I consider it complete, though there is still room for improvement and further ideas. Because I’ve been working on this for so long without documenting it here, this post is going to have to be spread over two posts… Read more »

A status update and playing with Home Assistant

It’s been eight months since I last wrote in this blog. To my regular readers, should I happen to have any, I’m really sorry about that. The main reason for the large gap is I had a full time job and therefore had a massively reduced amount of free time. I say had because it’s no longer the case for… Read more »