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EEPROM progammer finished, and perspective on a 1982 progamming book

The EEPROM programmer is finished!  I soldered up the PCB, and after fixing a couple of issues it checks out.  My programmer has some very bright LEDs, and to show them off I’ve added a new “debugdelay” option to set how fast the programming should happen.  In the process I’ve removed the old “debug” option because the 8KByte flash in… Read more »

We have some RAMs

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The next “milestone” for the 6809-on-a-breadboard computer project is to gain some RAM. ¬†Computers can’t do very much unless they can store things. This was fairly easy, though I did have to fix one problem with the current circuit. ¬†I need to do some more research on this subject to understand the issue fully, but briefly… Previously, in the EEPROM… Read more »

6809 LED output test

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Now that I can reliably write data into the EEPROM, the next step is to build the simplest possible working 6809 computer, in order to test my knowledge of how a system built from a 6809 should function. After looking at how Ben Ryvers built up his Z80 based computer, I decided to borrow some of his ideas for a… Read more »